Meet the staff

    Lally MacBeth
I'm the manager at Mrs MacBeth's Department Store. I like everything to be shipshape and orderly at all times (apart from when I'm on my tea break). In my spare time I enjoy playing with the shop's cat Marmaduke and tending to my pot plants.

Penny MacBeth
Penny stop sewing and come and introduce yourself... Penny says she'll come in a minute after she's finished this hat. It's a bit busy today, it always seems to be a bit busy! Oh no now she's cutting out another one, there's no stopping her!

Ethel and Mildred 
We're the shop's models, it's so bothersome, we have to sit still for hours! When we're not looking divine we can be found sipping earl grey and applying rose water, it's a hard life being beautiful.

Meowwwww meow
Wallop, crassshhhhh
Oh dear Marmaduke's knocked over the hats again, sigh!

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